Photo Credit: David Blehar

Greg Childs, Top Dog

In 2002 I left my good, corporate job to pursue my passion for residential building and design.   Since then I have worked as a builder, draftsman and architectural designer.  I enjoy helping clients see the possibilities of what could be rather than the challenges that seem to arise.   From the understanding of clients' needs, to the final nail in the project, I'm happy to be there to help.

Josie Dog

Josie, Alpha Dog (In Memoria)

Josie is the namesake of Grey Dog Design Studio.   From 2003 to 2013 she was my constant companion.  She was ever watchful over our family.  A true friend, for sure.   



Finn, The-Not-So-New-Dog

He's not the new guy anymore.  He's now the senior dog at the office.  Finn's fulfills the role of the Chief Security Dog ensuring no one arrives to visit without first dolling out treats to him.


Gus, New Dog

He's cute, playful and tireless...he's Gus, the new guy.  Always good to have a new hire around the office.  Gus has been here since April of 2015, but he's still the low man.