Building and renovating homes isn't straight-forward.  When you jump into the process it's akin to learning a new language and culture while spending a great sum of money doing it.   To venture into this on your own can be daunting.  Grey Dog acts as your guide through the process.   

Grey Dog can help with all aspects of the building process: from getting you started to helping you finish.  



  • project development
  • assemble the team (designer, contractor, specialists)
  • refine the design
  • review the budget
  • build and review construction schedule
  • review invoices
  • offer advice throughout the construction process
  • punchlist & closeout development

The Process

Grey Dog will meet with you for an initial consultation.  There is no charge for this meeting.  It is a chance for you to meet Grey Dog, and for us to get a sense of your needs. 

Once we establish your needs, Grey Dog can develop a proposal for services.  We will meet with you to review.  In as much detail as you need. 

From there, we're off an building! 


Complete Project

Grey Dog is flexible in how we work.   We find it most beneficial for you and your project if we are engaged throughout the entire process.   By helping you choose the design/construction team from the start through final construction, Grey Dog can ensure a better project and process for you the client.  We will provide you with a budget for our services based on your needs for your particular project. 

As Needed

 You may find that you need us jus at the beginning, or perhaps in a phase of the project that seems most unclear.   Call us in to help.   For $75/hour, use us how you see fit.  We're here to help