Having worked on both the design and building sides of the construction process, we understand how projects come together.  We have the ability to see things from all angles; the client, the designer and the builder.  

If you're asking yourself these questions, Grey Dog can help

  • I want to build a ________.  Where do I start?
  • Is my project possible?
  • Should I move or add on to my current house?
  • How much will my project cost?
  • Which subcontractors can I trust?
  • I have a design and I have a builder, but I need an impartial party to help me navigate the process.

The Process

Grey Dog will meet with you for an initial consultation.  There is no charge for this meeting.  It is a chance for you to meet Grey Dog, and for us to get a sense of your needs. 

Once we establish your needs, Grey Dog can develop a proposal for services.  We will meet with you to review.  In as much detail as you need. 

From there, we're off an building!