A Better Experience - Communicate

It's hard to get things done, and for that matter done right, when you don't communicate.   I think there's an impression out there of the building industry that the drawings  produced are a set of instructions for the project.  Once the drawings are complete, why would there be any questions?

I'm sure that there are projects done, where the client has little or no input or where the designer has stepped out of the process.   I'm also pretty sure that these projects aren't great.   Sure they may photograph well, but how was everyone's experience.   The designer did his/her thing, the contractor did his/her thing and the client wrote the checks...project done.  Sounds like fun, eh?

What if we all talked throughout the project?  What if we came up against a problem and sat down as a team to figure it out?  Ok, it'll take a bit longer..maybe, but isn't it a solution that everyone has had a chance to weigh-in on?  A 1-hour meeting discussing the pros and cons of a particular detail is much better than a lifetime of hating how something looks when it's built.

Great projects happen because the teams communicates.  Whether it's through email, phone or face-to-face, the designer, builder and homeowner figure things out together.  Heck, if you want to use fancy software that facilitates discussion, I'm all for it!  But don't let things "just happen."   Communicate throughout the entire project.  It'll be better for everyone, trust me!